About Us

Products should be able to stand on their own. Without a story to sell them.

Clearly Clocks is a mix of real products and clumsy satirical marketing - for education and sanity to help everyone see things clearly.

Stories are meant for us to feel attached to the product. Whether or not that social connection is important is for each of us to decide and as long as we know its intent - we can consciously choose products that satisfy our needs and (hopefully) can stand on their own. 


For the story lovers, we've got one, too. Here it goes... 

In this chaotic world, we all crave moments of clarity. We wish pieces would fall into place. We wish for stars to align. We wish for times we can see though the confusion, where answers are revealed, and we begin to see things clearly.

For those who appreciate moments of clarity, Clearly Clocks are designed to deliver moments when time is revealed through a combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality while compromising neither.

Our products are proudly handmade and packaged in Edmonton, Alberta.